Unique experience at the Shanghai’s Design Show. Light in three chapters, reflecting three-dimensional aspect of the device: a cubic space with infinite boundaries where LEDs, lasers, mirrors and sounds came to create an immersive entertainment experience. Mission: sound design / music selection / editing and mix. Client: Superbien / Martell

the french touch martelle superbien 03

the french touch martelle superbien 02

Dance with motion design, music and sound design. Unique and great performance for the connected dance show. This experience was thought up for a banking institution. Mission : sound design. Client: Superbien

conected dance superbien 03

conected dancesuperbien 02

conected dance superbien 01

Courchevel organized a special event with a video mapping on the Place du Rocher. Tree parts and seven minutes of original music and artistique video show. Mission: original music and sound design. Client: Vendredi4

light in courchevel vendredi4

Child of Eden experiment synesthesia, integrating sound, vision and touch in one seamless experience.The hero dreamt of visiting Earth, conveying her feelings into song which she sent down to the people of the planet. The game us  Kinect or PlayStation Move fore this great experience. Mission : Music and sound supervisor. Client: Ubisoft.

child of eden synesthesia experience ubisoft 03

child of eden synesthesia experience ubisoft 04

child of eden synesthesia experience ubisoft 05

A place dedicated to research and development. The showroom is designed with Interactive videos
and immersive sound experiences to present the technology challenges.