FPS project for RyseUp Studios

Appli for Kiupe Studio

Math Mathews (Animated TV show for France TV)

Ginko (advertising)

Rabbids Invasion (Les Lapins Crétins série TV)

Orange - Christmas advertising

Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

Combat of giant: Dragon 

TMNTª (Tortues Ninja) 

Imagine Beauty Stylist

Imagine Detective 

Imagine Party Planner

Sam power Footballer 

Sam power Policeman


Macao, City of Dreams (2018 / SUPERBIEN)

Roland Garros 2017 : Sound Design for the RG Lab (Monsieur Loyal /Vendredi 4)

Design Show of Shanghai 2016 ( Martell / SUPERBIEN)

Connected Danse 2016 (Financial Unit / SUPERBIEN)

Michelin R&D Showroom 2016 (Michelin/Vendredi4)

Light’in Courchevel 2015 (Courchevel / Vendredi 4)

Travel Capsule 2015 (Citadine / Vendredi 4 / Monsieur Loyal)

Little Nightmares Launch Trailer Switch (2018)

Final Fantasy XV, Mobile Trailer (2017)

Mobile Strike (2017)

Might & Magic Heroes VI 

Might & Magic Heroes VII

Ghost recon 5 Future Soldier  Live Action Trailer

Assasin's Creed Brotherhood

Child Of EDEN 

Call Of Juarez II 

Ghost Recon 5 Future Soldier 

Ghost Recon 5Futur Soldier comic con trailer

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (Lapins Cretins) trailer

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time ((Lapins Cretins)) Announcement Trailer

Totem VirtuaGirl

Silent Hunter 5

Your Shape 

Driver Next Gen

Combat of giant Insect 

Combat of giant Dragon

Pure Football

Petz nursery 

Hawx II In game Trailer 

Splinter Cell Conviction 

Motion Sport 



Racket Sports Party

Hello Kitie In game Trailer 

Bloody Good Time 

Princes Melody 

Petz Blue Sea 

My Fitness Coach: Cardio Work Out 

My Cooking Coach

Imagine Town

Fighter Uncaged

Donkey Kong Adventure DLC Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle ( 2018 Switch)

South Park: The Fractured but Whole ( 2018 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (2017 Switch)

Math Mathews II ( Appli 2017)

Ma Classe (Appli 2017)

Kilubu Potion II, (2016 Apple TV)

Might & Magic Heroes VII (2015/2016 PC)

Blue Estate The Game (2015 PS4 / XBOX One (credit: Sound Designer))

Brand2play BombCactus (2015 Appli )

Brand2play Ebee (2014 Appli)

Panache, 2015, ( 2014 Appli)

Run SuperDolphin! (2014 Appli)  

Kilubu Potion I (2014 Appli)

Rabbids Land (Lapins Crétin Land) Wii U, 2013 (credit: Sound Designer)

Rabbids Alive an Kicking (Les Lapins Cretin partent en Live) X360 Kinect (credit: Sound Designer)

R.U.S.E, PC, X360, PS3 (credit: associate musci supervisor) 

Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard, WII, DS, PS3 (credit: associate music supervisor)

C.O.P, DS (credit: associate music and sound supervisor)

Racket Sports Party, Wii (credit: associate music supervisor)

Academy of champions, Wii (credit: associate music and sound supervisor cinematic)

Cover Girl, PSP (credit: associate music and sound supervisor)

Lea Passion, Dream Shop: DS (credit: associate music and sound supervisor)

Imagine: Party Planner, DS (credit: associate music and sound supervisor)

Imagine Detective, DS (credit: associate music and sound supervisor)